What A Year!


That’s it! With the end of the semester we’ve also came to the end of an amazing year of fundraising, campaigns, events and socials from Glasgow University Mary’s Meals. Thanks to the unbelievable support of everyone in the Glasgow University community, we have managed to raise an incredible total of £2135.31 which will help feed 153 children for a whole school year! On behalf of the children whose lives you’ve changed, to everyone who has helped us reach this total, thank you because we couldn’t have done it without you!

It’s been an unforgettable year for the Mary’s Meals society. From the massive success (and bland meal plans) of Porridge Week back in October, to meeting Magnus at our first joint event with the newly formed Strathclyde Mary’s Meals society just before Christmas; and from the glamour of the Volunteering, Clubs and Societies Awards, where we were nominated for Fundraisers of the Year, to the incredible inaugural day of #MarysMealsonCampus events across the country in March, we really haven’t stopped all year.

There are two things that inspire us to put in the time and energy to make all these events, and many more, a reality: first, the knowledge that just a tiny effort on our part, and £13.90, is all that it takes to provide a kid with a year’s worth of Mary’s Meals and to change their life through education; plus, we know that we can always count on the generosity and support of the Glasgow Uni community who never fail to come out and support us!

With the end of the semester came our Annual General Meeting and we are happy to announce our new committee for the 2017/18 year: Declan Prosser as secretary, Sarah Dobbie as treasurer and Blair Anderson as president. The members who’ll be leaving us (our two Hannahs and outgoing president, Ruth) will be missed by everyone at GUMM but we’re sure they’ll be back for all next year’s events, and we wish them all the best as they graduate!

Glasgow University Mary’s Meals really is one of the best societies you can get involved with at uni – where else can you be involved in the most creative fundraisers on campus, make amazing friends and change children’s lives in the process? If GUMM sounds like something you want to be a part of, then keep an eye on our social media and look out for us at Freshers Fair in September, to find out how you can change the world, one bowl of porridge at a time. See you then!


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