What We Do

Mary’s Meals is an international charity offering a simple solution to world hunger for some of the poorest communities in the world. We do this through pursuit of the aim that every child should receive a daily meal in their place of education. Since the first feeding programme started feeding 200 kids in one school in Malawi in 2002, Mary’s Meals has grown massively and now feeds 1,187,104 schoolchildren every day in 13 countries across the globe.

“I want to have enough food to eat and to be able to go to school one day” – Edward, Malawi

When Mary’s Meals’ founder Magnus MacFarlane-Barrow visited Malawi in the midst of a drought and food shortage in 2002, he asked a little boy what he most wanted in the world, and that boy’s response is what has led to the massive school-feeding network that we see today. For many of the children who receive Mary’s Meals, their daily meal at school is their only guarantee of food, as before shortages meant they could go days at a time without eating. Now, thanks to their Mary’s Meal, over one million children know they have something to eat every day, and at the same time they now have the motivation to go to school and the energy to take advantage of the opportunities that quality education offers them. As Nelson Mandela said, education is the most powerful weapon which you can use to change the world; now with something as simple as a daily meal and proper education, more than a million children have the chance to escape the cycle of poverty, better the lives of their families and communities and change the world.

The work of Mary’s Meals isn’t done yet – there are still 61 million children in the world who are not in education, and even more who aren’t guaranteed a daily meal. While the millionth child was an amazing milestone for the charity, as long as there is another school to reach and another child to feed we will keep working until all children have the start in life that they deserve. Here at the Glasgow University Mary’s Meals group we are working to make that goal a reality. It costs just £12.20 to feed a child for a whole year, so through a busy year of campaigns, socials and fundraisers we hope to do our bit to support Mary’s Meals and we hope that you will join us along the way!


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